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Then the kid turned 13

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Happy Birthday my dear boy!

Now that you’re a teenager,
Hopefully you’ll still listen to me.
Not because I’m always right, (which your mom refuses to believe)
But because I have been wrong a lot of times.

I can give you a list of tips or advises
now that you are in your teenage years.
But instead, I’ll just tell you to believe in yourself.
There will be a lot of confusing moments.

You are one of the most kind people I have ever known.
Do not trust anybody. And I mean any one.
Not even your close friends, or family. 

Always clean up your mess. Literally and figuratively. 

I can never fully know all the things you’re going to be going thru,
but I can have a pretty good idea and I can definitely understand.
You can always come to me or your Mom.

We are so proud of you.
I wish your Grandma Linda could have seen
how you grew up to be a handsome and kind young man.

I love you very much, Buddy.


Happy Birthday.


Poor Kid #2

Friday, August 24th, 2012

I found out when I got home yesterday,
that this little girl broke up with the kid.

I don’t know much details yet
the kid doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

I have never seen someone so heartbroken.
It’s breaking mine too.

He only said that he feels so unwanted.
I will just wait until he wants to talk.

I guess I better try to stop writing about the kid from now on.
I have to respect his privacy.

Except maybe when he and I do something funny.
Of course I would share that.

Just don’t tell him what I just wrote.

Poor Kid

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Let me tell you this story.
I have been debating if I was going to post this or not,
but I just think it’s both sad and sweet,
so here goes..

Just bear with me here.


Personal Post

Thursday, July 19th, 2012


“What’s Wrong, Dad?”
This is a question my son has asked me so many times
And I couldn’t give him an answer.

It’s always, “What’s wrong, Dad?”
Followed by “Why are you sad?

You see, my son has been diagnosed with a form of Tourette’s last April.
It’s not really full blown, just a form of it.
He has these ticks that he really can’t control much.

And that’s what’s wrong with me.
I am saddened by this and that he suffers from it.

I am writing this down here to try and log what has been going on.
With any progress or any worsening of his condition.

This site has helped me document most of what has happened since he was born.
I try to write down significant events in his life. Of our lives.

I am protecting this post’s privacy.
This is solely for my own use.

It started right after my second surgery ..
(Oh yeah, I better write that stuff down too. That’s a whole major event for us.
But First things first)
..we noticed that the kid was starting to make these unusual facial tics.
It started with him shaking his head.
Or violently jerk it.
Then he would shut his eyes and jerk his head.
I asked him why he does this, he said he doesn’t know.
Or he said it feels like something was building up inside him
And if he doesn’t jerk his head, the feeling wouldn’t go away.

Then one day it’ll be a different thing.
He would sniff and clear his throat continuously.
He would sniff so much that his nose would go dry and bleed.

I am starting this as a log for me because
there’s always going to be something new that we notice about him.
Like a new one I noticed was him flexing his hands and fingers.
Like he stretches his fingers wide, continuously.

Then that would subside and go back to the head jerking thing.
Or lately he does some winking.
Like he would scrunch up half of his face.
Then sniff.

A few weeks ago, he started clicking his tongue inside his mouth.
That’s the newest one.

I don’t know what’s going to be next.
My heart breaks every time I see him.

He moves so much with all these tics,
He must be so exhausted.

And now that I am starting to write these,
It is truly making me upset. And Mad.
And at times. I lose my Faith.

I don’t understand why a kid so young and innocent had to suffer
something that is so pointless.

That’s what most of the things are in this world.

So yes. That’s why I am sad.
That’s what’s wrong.

My son, knows something is.
And I can’t answer him truthfully.

I hate this world sometimes.


Just Like Most Things

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Today, my son engaged me in a conversation, during breakfast,
about the possibility that Santa doesn’t exist.
He then asked me if Santa is actually real.

I was caught off guard, to be honest with you.


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