I have mentioned here in my site multiple times
that the most requested song I have covered is
I LOVE YOU, by Bro. Mike Lapid.

I have longed to get in touch with him so I can properly send my sincerest thanks.
As well as inform him that I have been distributing his songs to those who have requested for it.

Well, it finally happened.
With the help of a certain individual, who knows Bro. Lapid personally,
came across my site and made this connection possible.

Bro. Mike Lapid, personally emailed me and I quote:

“I would want you to know that you have all my permission to do whatever you want with my song
and feel free to disseminate them as you please.”
I am simply happy for you and indeed feel so humbled
that my songs have touched you in quite a special way.
Will try to see your website and enjoy your versions of my music.
Best regards,
Bro. Mike Lapid”

It took me the whole day to write him back. I couldn’t believe it happened.
Then I was scared that he might not like how I covered his songs.
But then again, I didn’t play his songs to prove that I can or show off.

I played them for personal reasons.
And as he is humbled, I am twice as much.
Especially whenever I receive requests and compliments on how I made it.

So again, Thank you Bro. Lapid for your beautiful songs of inspiration.
And thank you to all those who listened to my rendition of his music.

Thanks to you Ms. Isaa Isaac for making this happen too.


Music and Words – by Bro. Mike Lapid
Voice and all instruments – by Ty Martell


I love you,
‘Cause that’s just what I am.
I could never turn away from you, and leave you all alone.
Yes, I love you.
Though you have gone your way.
I could never leave you all alone and leave you way behind.

Refrain 1:
Though you weigh no more than dust,
placed on a scale, you rise.
Though your worth is just as much as sand,
I love you just the same.
I am love, I am love.

Refrain 2:
Though your sins be dark as scarlet,
I will turn them white as snow.
Though your sins be red as crimson,
They mean nothing more to me.

For I made you and you’re meant for me,
for all eternity.
I have loved you, Yes I love you.
I’ll always will love you.

I love you,
‘Cause that’s just what I am.
I could never show you greater love than lay my life for you.
Yes, I love you.
What more proof do you ask?
Show me any love that’s greater than
the love I’ve shown to you.

(Repeat Refrains 1 & 2)