Happy Birthday my dear boy!

Now that you’re a teenager,
Hopefully you’ll still listen to me.
Not because I’m always right, (which your mom refuses to believe)
But because I have been wrong a lot of times.

I can give you a list of tips or advises
now that you are in your teenage years.
But instead, I’ll just tell you to believe in yourself.
There will be a lot of confusing moments.

You are one of the most kind people I have ever known.
Do not trust anybody. And I mean any one.
Not even your close friends, or family. 

Always clean up your mess. Literally and figuratively. 

I can never fully know all the things you’re going to be going thru,
but I can have a pretty good idea and I can definitely understand.
You can always come to me or your Mom.

We are so proud of you.
I wish your Grandma Linda could have seen
how you grew up to be a handsome and kind young man.

I love you very much, Buddy.


Happy Birthday.