Let me tell you this story.
I have been debating if I was going to post this or not,
but I just think it’s both sad and sweet,
so here goes..

Just bear with me here.

You see, the kid plays a lot of Video games online.
And on the PS3, he met this little girl.
So they started playing and talking to each other.
As time went on, I guess they became “girlfriend and boyfriend.”
Or some sort of a mutual understanding.
They meet on the game and play.

Seems harmless enough.
But the kid can’t stop talking about this girl.
They even did a video chat. (Don’t worry, I was monitoring it)
She lives way out of town and nowhere near us.

Then he told her how beautiful she was
which I thought was very sweet.
The little girl was pretty cute, I must say.
And they were both very excited and giddy.

So they just talked with each other
and to other friends who joined in.

It’s amazing how much tools these kids have nowadays, I thought.
While drinking my coffee, as I go online on my laptop too.

Anyway, not too long ago,
The kid mentioned to me that his girlfriend and her family are visiting Florida,
and she would like to drive by and see him.

I don’t think they will.
In fact, I know they won’t or her parents for sure won’t go for that,
So I didn’t really put much thought in it.
But the kid was so excited; I didn’t want to burst his bubble.

She was supposed to come this past weekend.
And the kid was so giddy, he even told me to wear my best clothes.
And be on my best behavior.
So I got me some pants to wear and I asked him what time they will be coming.
He said “Anytime soon.”
This was on a Saturday.

It was raining.
No one is showing up.
I can tell the kid was a little concerned.
He played a bit of his video games to pass the time,
but I see him always looking at the clock.

It’s still raining outside.
Still no show.

He then told me that he will hang out outside by the garage.
And so he did.

Now I am getting sad.
So, I went out there and waited with him.
He really likes this girl.

I got out and saw him sitting on a stool,
anxiously awaiting and checking out the cars driving by.

We talked for a bit.
He asked me how my day is going.
I said “Fine.”
I asked him how his was, he said “Fine” too.

We mostly just sat there.
Staring out into the pouring rain.

And I give it a good 10 – 15 minutes
when he decided to call it quits and went inside.
He left, and I picked up the chairs and closed the door.

He decided to watch TV instead
and we never talked about it anymore that day.

I remember one of my posts here on this site a couple of years ago,
when the kid learned how to fully ride his 2 wheel bicycle,
and I said how the next thing would be
that I’ll be teaching him how to drive
and he will be borrowing my car
going out on dates,
and get his heart broken.

We haven’t gone through the driving lessons yet.
Though he kind of had a glimpse of how a heart truly feels.
How it works.
How it hurts.
Yeah, it may not be as catastrophic as how teenagers feel,
Or how a grown, adult male would suffer.
But it is still a taste of disappointment.
And no matter how you put it,
it really does suck.

And if you make fun of my infatuated, little boy with this,
I will punch you in the face and stick a hot curling iron up your ass.

Okay, maybe I won’t heat the curling iron up.
That’s too cruel.

In conclusion,
Sunday came and the kid actually opened up the conversation.
He said,
“Dad, I think I may have misheard her.
She probably said ‘She wanted’ to go to Florida and see me.
Not ‘She will’ come to Florida. Her mic was going in and out.
I couldn’t hear her well.”

“Oh okay. That makes sense.” I said.
“Maybe, she will someday soon.”

And we went on about our usual Sunday morning.

And here’s the lesson for this post.
The kid obviously wanted it to happen.
He obviously was eager for it to happen.

It didn’t.

He looked for a logical excuse why it didn’t
He found his excuse why it didn’t…

and moved on.

The kid could teach me a thing or two.

Now where is that curling iron?
I’m kidding. I don’t have one.
I have no hair.