Everything Changes

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Just like what the poet Bob Dylan once said,


The leaves… They are a-changin’.

Wait.. I may be wrong on that one.

Another Video Post – “Diary”

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

I have been wondering how I could do multiple video parts
of the same song merged into one.

Just so I can add more depth to a song.
It’s getting to be really boring.

I added the harmony to this one and it turned out quite alright.
It was a little tricky with the sync, but it worked.

I am not a professional Video editor,
so you’re gonna have to bear with me.

Just like how you stood by me
with all the crazy covers I’ve done.

Just pretend they are actually good.
And I am a real musician.
Come on.
We can do this together.

Plus I replaced all my guitars’ strings
and they all sound very crisp.
The ones I got are made in California,
maybe that’s why they sound better.
They’re prettier and they taste better too.

Here’s one of my favorites.

Music by – Bread
Covered by – Yours truly

Happy Birthday again!

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

Happy Birthday to my other sister, Elizabeth.
Someday, when we see each other again,
we are “so” gonna party!

Funny how I still write greetings like this,
even when I know none of my family ever checks out my site.

Maybe it’s a way for me to have proof,
that I remember them on certain special days.

“Hey, Den!, you forgot my birthday!”

“Aha! You are wrong! I have proof.
It’s on my site!”

“See? September 28, 2005.
I remembered.”

“Aww. That’s sweet.
But my birthday is on the 29th.”

Then I’d be like,
Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.”

I read somewhere that 90% of all the stuff you read on the internet is false.
And that’s a fact.

My God, why am I still talking???

here are some websites that are way better than mine.

Love you, sis!

Sly, we should try this! —> TCP/IP Drinking Game
New rules for the NHL —> courtesy of the Penguins
Then I realized how much of a loser I am —> Young Moguls
Urban Legends Reference —> snopes.com
Google Logo Maker —> logogle.com
Photos of liquid drops —> liquidsculpture.com
Hurricanes are deadly but beautiful —> nasa.gov

A day of Happiness, Love, and Rock!

Sunday, September 28th, 2003

Today my Mother got married to her boyfriend, Nick.
Everybody was so busy these past few days, preparing for the big event.

My loving Aunts and cousins came to join us as well.
Along with my Mom’s great friends, as well as Nick’s family,
We all had a very great time.

I could see the tears of joy from my Mother’s eyes,
As she sees everyone who wished her the best on her big day,
I felt happy, and proud for I know, she has finally met someone.
I am happy that she is happy.

Of course her son has to provide some live music at the reception.
And provided he did.

It was just me on guitars and Nonie, Nick’s son, on drums.
Nonie can hit those drums with excellent beats as well.
We played some mushy love songs, and a lot of catchy beats.
Everybody seemed to like it.

We played hard. We rocked hard.
I played so hard, my guitar pick snapped in two.
I rocked hard.
I like Rock!

Our best wishes to my Mom and Nick.
We love you very much.

King Dragon

Saturday, September 28th, 2002

That is my name in Hobbitton.
In the world of the Hobbits, who lives peacefully amidst Middle Earth.

Oh Lord, I am so addicted to the “Lord of the Rings”,
I almost wanted to name our first born Frodo.
I must have watched the movie at least 9 times, and I am also reading the book.
Man, I can not wait for the next two movies.

Click here to reveal your Hobbit name.

Anyway, speaking of names,
have you ever wondered what your name really means?
My name does not really have a definition or meaning in English.
All I know is that it is a large, peaceful county in Northern Ireland.

Come to think of it, my name is pretty confusing.
Quite universal and diverse if I might say.

See, Tyrone is a Black name.
And Glenn is North American.
Then my last name is Spanish or French.
Then when I show up, I am Asian.
Now everybody gets confused.

Though as I found out, this is my name in Chinese.

My good friend, “Cicy Peng” told me that the first character means “King”.
And the second character means “Dragon.”

I was like, now that is cool!!

Then it hit me.

She could have lied to me, for I do not speak a lick of Chinese.
It could have meant Stupid Idiot, or Drunken Monkey.

Oh Lord. I hope not.

As I sit here, pondering about the meaning of my name.
I just had to admit it,
My name must have been used for an “All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet Restaurant.”

Hello! Welcome to King Dragon,
how may I help you?

Greetings! Welcome to my little corner on the net. This is just a simple collage of my life, music, thoughts, inspirations and whatever pops in my head. So whatever I do, write, say or think, hopefully will not be of any offense. Please proceed with caution.

The views expressed here does not reflect the views of my web host, my place of work, my ethnicity nor my religion.
Please read the full disclaimer before you proceed.

Now that that's out of the way.
On with the show.

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