It’s discomforting to realize sometimes
that I only know how to pray when I am in trouble
or when I am in dire need.

And more often than not,
they consist mostly of complaints, hatred,
criticisms and disapprovals.

Like I can do a better job than Him.

But can you blame me?
I am only human.
I am tired.
I am tired of reaching out.
I don’t think He really listens to me.
It’s no fun when you don’t get any answers.

But when I really think about it,
if I would be at the receiving end,
I would not even listen to me.
I couldn’t care less of all my whining and selfish wants.
If I was Him, I would be annoyed by the mere sight of me.
Always the negative.
Always the irritating.

All I have is my music.
It’s the only thing that keeps me sane.
It’s the only thing I truly need.

But ever since the Lenten Season started this year,
I have been singing this song repeatedly.
It’s a song we used to sing back in High School.
It’s one of the many songs by Bro. Mike Lapid,
and this is definitely one of my favourites.

Then I realized,
that the reason why this song was stuck in my head,
is that maybe,
just maybe,
He was trying to reach out to me.

And it’s embarrassing to know,
that the only one here
not really paying any attention,

is me.

I know I have played this one here before,
but only with guitars.
I hope I gave justice to this one.

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