This one is an original.
Not by me, but by my music mentor.

Brother Bing Dones was our High School Music Coordinator.
He has taught me all my attitude towards music.
Not just by his teachings but also by example.

I remember when I auditioned for the band
he made me sit down and asked me to blindfold myself.
Very unusual, I know.
Not only did he make me play a song on the guitar,
he also grabbed the instrument from me
and played random chords and told me to name them
as I hear them.

“You can’t just know how to play music.” He said. “You have to feel it.”
“Understand it.”
“Find your place in it.”

I did pretty good I suppose,
since I became a member of the band
throughout my whole High School years.

This is one of many songs he shared with us
and I’ve always wanted to play it here.
It took me years to do so, but here it finally is.

My own interpretation of
Time Will Tell.

Music and Words by – Bro. Bing Dones
Voice and all instruments by – Ty Martell

Thanks again, Brother Bing.
For everything.

DBTC Combo Club

From L-R
Vince, Sergio (Same frame), Reiner, Bro. Bing, Nilo, Ty

Lyrics start here

by: Bing Dones

Like a song we’ve never sung all throughout this year;
like a word we hardly say when we mean goodbye;
like the wind blowing by all of us shall pass away.

But the castles in the air which you and I have made;
and the promises that we’ve kept…do you still remember?
and the old photographs…our footprints on the sand.

I wish, if only I could, to bring back all the past
to remind you of these memories again.
I am sure time will tell how much we hold each other….so tight,
as we whisper ’til we meet again.

All the memories that we’ve got…these are souvenirs;
all the laughters that we’ve shared are something to remember;
we are birds soaring high, we are bound to reach the sun.