I like old songs.
I mean, very old songs.
Because they are forgotten.

I never forget.
Except when I don’t want to remember something.
Then I don’t even know what I am talking about.

This is from the music of Jim Capaldi.
And it’s the first time I tried the Drummer feature on GarageBand.

Music by – Jim Capaldi
Cover by – Ty Martell

So. There it is.
I should cover more old songs.
Because I am old.
I can’t be singing about young stuff.

What were we talking about?

Lyrics Begin here:

Yesterday I felt the wind blowing ’round my shoulder
Feel like I’m getting older
Still I can’t forget your face

Separated by a million miles of ocean
My heart still feels emotion
Even in this lonely place

Old photographs and places I remember
Just like a dying ember
That’s burned into my soul
Even though we walk the diamond-studded highways
It’s the country lanes and byways
That makes us long for home

Lately I just find my mind has turned to dreamin’
Making plans and scheming
How I’m gonna get back home

But deep down inside I know it’s really hopeless
This road I’m on is endless
We climb our mountains all alone