1st of May

Because it’s the First of May, I always post my First of May.

Remembering Dad

1st Shot

So I got the first Covid Vaccine.

I didn’t take a Vaccine selfie but I’m letting you know anyway
because you’re a caring person
and I’m sure you want to know who had it or not.

Also got a headache a couple of minutes after.
So I got myself a large poutine to ease the pain.

Just thought you should know that too.



I just found out that in the Philippines, getting a swab test cost the public about 8,000 Pesos.
What the Effing Eff? That’s about $200!!

Imagine having your whole family tested?

My God!
Why does my Mother Land’s government always does this to its people.

Today I Learned This

I love you so much, Japan.

Don’t ever change.

My Mouth Loneliness is killing me.

Snyder Cut

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