1st Shot

So I got the first Covid Vaccine.

I didn’t take a Vaccine selfie but I’m letting you know anyway
because you’re a caring person
and I’m sure you want to know who had it or not.

Also got a headache a couple of minutes after.
So I got myself a large poutine to ease the pain.

Just thought you should know that too.



I just found out that in the Philippines, getting a swab test cost the public about 8,000 Pesos.
What the Effing Eff? That’s about $200!!

Imagine having your whole family tested?

My God!
Why does my Mother Land’s government always does this to its people.

Today I Learned This

I love you so much, Japan.

Don’t ever change.

My Mouth Loneliness is killing me.

Snyder Cut


So, Natalie made Pizzelles yesterday.

Click here to see how good they look.
nat making pizzelles

The best thing about my wife baking non stop is making me proud of my belly fat rolls.
They’re so huge I can hide multiple chap sticks in there.

Today’s Friday Five

1) Have you read more books, or fewer books, this past year than usual?
This last year? Definitely fewer. And by “fewer” I meant “none.”
But, as my friend Abbie had said, if you count reading the subtitles of shows you watched,
then, Yea! I’ve read tons!

2) What book are you reading now (or what book did you read most recently)?
-The last book I was reading was Inferno by Dan Brown. I was on it when Mom was sick and I was reading that while flying back and forth from Florida to Ontario.
Circumstances concerning everything had turned to dire so I just stopped.
I have planned on re-reading Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.” Just because I watch the movies at least twice a year. I just always put it off because let’s face it. That monstrous of a book is a hard read.
I have also thought of finally reading “Game of Thrones” just to get the horrible taste of the last three seasons out of my mouth. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

3) What is the best book you read in the past few years?
-I genuinely enjoyed the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Harry Potter of course. Oh and Lamb by Christopher Moore was a hoot.

4) Do you read more than one book at a time, or just one?
-Nope. I can’t. I tried. Characters were starting to crossover in my head.

5) How big is your to-be-read pile (or list)?
-I just checked my Goodreads Profile.
Ugh! 52 as of last wishlist.

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