With all the music I have done on this site,
the most requested song is
I Love You, by Bro. Mike Lapid.

A big percentage of site referrals and search engines point out to that song
And it all redirects to my site.

I am actually not surprised. It’s a beautiful song with a beautiful message.
I am surprised though that people actually want to listen to my version of it.
Maybe because there are few, if not none, other versions of it out there.
But from the bottom of my heart,
I am truly honored.

A lot of people have requested to have a copy of that song
and I have respectfully declined to send it.

The song is not mine.
I just played it.
I played it because of personal reasons.
Not to show off or prove that I can.

I wanted to get a hold of Bro. Lapid to finally get his permission,
but I have no idea where to get a hold of him,
so I can answer the requests emailed to me, without guilt or hesitation.

I do not even know how the copyright laws would protect Bro. Lapid.
I do not want people having the notion that I am him or him playing the music.
I am sure his version is way better than mine.

And since most of the requests I have received have good intentions,
I am forced to send them my version.

As long as Bro. Mike Lapid is recognized as the one who wrote the words.
As long as it is noted that it is his music.
And let it be known that I just sang and played it as my own personal version.

This includes and is not limited to all the songs he made
that I have done and will do in the future.

In conclusion, I truly hope that the song would help others,
the way it has helped me.
I am sure that is what Bro. Lapid intended it to be.

Thank you very much.

(Songs are under CHORUS – WORSHIP)

PS – and for those who have emailed me before,
I will also try to scour my old email and will reply back to you.

Bro. Lapid finally found out about this and replied to me.
Please read this post as well. ->
Connected By Music