But first, a big THANK YOU for all the birthday greets.
Those who called, texted and instant messaged.
Thank you for making me look way more popular than I really am.

Thank you to my wife, Natalie,
for feeding me the best cake ever created in the history of cakes.
Also for being my Valentine Partner.
Or is it Quarantine Partner? I’m confused.
I love you, baby. Thanks for putting up with me.

Now, my story.

I remember when I was young,
my Mother told me I was supposed to be born
a week or so after Valentines Day.
But she said she prayed that I come out on the 14th,
so my birthday would be memorable.
She even said she talked to me hoping I’ll hear her.

Well, what do you know?
I did!

Not only that! I came out just above 8lbs. and in the middle of the day.
Not some unholy hour.

That’s called being considerate and honoring your Mother’s wishes.

So on your birthday, call and thank your Mother.
It’s her day too.

Thanks again, everyone.