Today, my kid asked me this question.

“Dad, why did you choose to have your job on computers?”

I answered, “Because I like it and it’s a good job.”

“Okay.” He replied.
“If you weren’t working with computers, what would you have been doing instead?”

“Well,” I paused.
“I always wanted to be a musician.”

“A Rock Star?” He beamed at me.

“Yeah! A Rock Star.” I answered as I laugh.

“Awesome!” He smiled.
“So, if you weren’t a Rock Star, what would you have been?”

I stopped and thought for a moment.
And I took another moment.
And another.

I actually have no answer.
I couldn’t think of anything else that I’d be doing.
I wanted to be a Musician.
A “Rock Star” if you please.

It’s all I ever wanted.
Not much of the glamour or the lifestyle.
Just the Music.
Me and Music.

I believe in the love for it.
The passion you feel when you hear it.
The inspirations that comes when you play it.
The beauty that makes you feel when you’re in tune with it.

As my son looks at me, waiting for an answer,
I said, “I think that’s it. I don’t want to be anything else.”

He continues on playing with his stuff.
I think he got his answer.

It may not make much sense to him right now,
but when the time comes,
I am sure that one advice I’ll be giving him
when he thinks of what he wants to be,
is to find his passion.
Find his dream.
Find his Love.

And not just follow it.
Not just to chase it.
But to Grab it by its face and own it.

By then, he may not have everything,
but at least he has his happiness.