20 Years

Today marks my 20th year
living in North America.

That’s half my age, if I may share that too.
I left the Philippines for Canada when I just turned 20
and was reborn to a whole new life,
in a whole new place.

Interestingly enough, this year also marks my 10th year living in the States.
So that’s 20 in the Philippines,
10 in Canada
and 10 in the US.

And between how old I am and living in these three countries,
I can surely tell you, in my experience,
that people are all the same wherever you may go.
And by “all the same” I meant there will always be nice people
and assholes.

Sure, people have different customs and traditions or how they do stuff,
but when it really comes down to it, you can’t avoid the assholes, bitches and pricks.
Seems like it’s getting harder and harder to find nice and well mannered people nowadays.

Oh yeah. Right.
I should be writing good stuff in here.
How I should be thankful that I had the opportunity to live in other countries and start anew?

Well, I am sorry.
I’m an asshole too.
And a jerk.

I’m sorry. I am on my third coffee,
and someone just pissed me off today.

Music Monday

How about that time when I attempted two guitars
to talk?

Yeah, they didn’t understand each other.

Randy Rhoads

One of the great Six String Gods that blew my mind
Died 32 years ago today.


Look how cool this guy is!
With his polka dotted Flying-V.

I mean who doesn’t like a polka dots?
I like polka dots.

This guy put it on his guitar and made it scream.
I love it.

New Song Added – Old Photographs

I like old songs.
I mean, very old songs.
Because they are forgotten.

I never forget.
Except when I don’t want to remember something.
Then I don’t even know what I am talking about.

This is from the music of Jim Capaldi.
And it’s the first time I tried the Drummer feature on GarageBand.

Music by – Jim Capaldi
Cover by – Ty Martell

So. There it is.
I should cover more old songs.
Because I am old.
I can’t be singing about young stuff.

What were we talking about?

Lyrics Begin here:

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“URGENT” News!

..and they favourited this tweet.

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