Halloween 2014

Be safe out there, folks.


Happy Halloween,
From all of us here at denofmusic.com.

And by ” all of us,”
I meant just me and Mr. Skull here.


Yesterday, I went to a friend’s retirement party.

I don’t know if I told you before but I am not into social gatherings.
Well, not anymore.
I used to.
For some reason, anxiety just grabbed a hold of me and won’t let go.
Maybe it’s insecurities, maybe I’m just not into anything that may lead into
me being humiliated or embarrassed.
I am not young anymore.
I am not hip with what’s new these days.

I say it’s progress because, I struggled with it all day,
and it took everything in me to buck up, get ready and go.
I fought with myself the whole way
from turning the car around and just forget it.
Make up some excuse for not going at all.

I did get there, eventually.
Saw other people.
Had conversations and jokes about everything.
Actually had a great time.
Plus, made my friend happy for showing up.

I carried myself well.
That’s progress for me.
It may be nothing to you,
but that is big for me.

I didn’t even feel the need to order alcoholic drinks just to fit in.
I wasn’t planning on drinking at all.
I didn’t need to pressure myself.
I was fine.

Though the only thing I had trouble with while I was there,
was ordering my drink for the night.
When the server asked me for my drink,
for some reason, I couldn’t pronounce “Arnold Palmer.”

Must be the Filipino in me.
My tongue just wouldn’t want to work it.
I guess saying it right will be my next progress report.


Damn it!
I can’t do it!

I am living proof


I am still here, am I not?

Everything Changes

Just like what the poet Bob Dylan once said,


The leaves… They are a-changin’.

Wait.. I may be wrong on that one.

Here comes the Sun..

And I say….


….It’s alright.

— Giving your trust to Hope is very hard.
It may give you what you seek,
it may give you another broken heart.

Yet, you still give it your all.

We must be very stupid.

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