One Word

The reason why there are no posts on this site lately.
One Word.


I hate everything.
That is all.
Thank you very much.

Have a nice day. :)

Please help me!

My Instrument


Nobody may care about my instrument, but it is the only thing I can turn to.

Especially when emotions are high
and thoughts are a-plenty.

My Dad is not a great Dad.

My Dad was not a great Dad.
He had his faults.
He had his weaknesses.
He made mistakes.
We had our own little fights.
Or big fights. Lots of big fights.

But I must admit,
flawed as he may be.
He did step up and helped me
when I needed him most.

My Dad was not a great Dad.
To me, he was awesome.

Someday, my son and I will have our own arguments.
Our own little tiffs.
But someday, I would like to be there for him,
when he too, needs me most.

I miss him right now,
and it really, really sucks.

New Song Added – Seven Years Gone

Is it possible for someone to fall in love to a song
the first time they hear it?

I know I have asked that before,
but this one here, I have fallen in love with quite easily.
So much that it’s actually changing my life.

Well, not actually “changing” it,
but it is changing the way I view things.

I have learned that as much as you waste your time questioning everything,
you can’t keep yourself wallowing in hate.
No matter if your faith and beliefs gets shattered,
you need to pick yourself up,
and move on.
Heal thyself.

It’s a song by one of my Guitar Idols, Mr. Richie Sambora.
I have always been a fan of his style, since his Bon Jovi days,
and also loved his solo albums.
He definitely is a big influence in the way I play music.

This is my rendition of his song, Seven Years Gone.
Please do not mind the mistakes on this one.
I just enjoy covering songs that I love.

All effects are from Garageband,
and all instruments are played by me.
Except for the drums. I just arranged that one.

Thanks again for listening.

“You can’t find the road to healing,
when you’re blinded by your pride.” – Richie Sambora

Seven Years Gone

Music by – Richie Sambora
Cover by – Ty Martell

Lyrics start here:

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