How Come?

I realized the last time I recorded music was two years ago.
This has been the longest time I refused to immerse myself in the only thing that kept me sane.

“Well.” I answered and paused.
“The last two years haven’t been very pleasant for me, Son.”

As memories of hatred, sorrow, heartache, betrayal and grief suddenly flooded my mind.

“You should go play again, Dad.” My son replied.
Then he added, “It’s weird not hearing your music around the house.”

“Maybe I will, Son.” I answered.
“Maybe I will.”

Canada Day 2016

Happy Canada Day!
I miss the craziness of this day back in Ottawa where we used to live.
Spending most of the day horking down all the food
and stuffing my mouth with everything my friends offer me.

Enjoy your Birthday, Canada!
You still look great to me.

Oh and remember this Canadian song cover I did years ago?
Yeah. Me neither.
But you will listen to it anyway, Tabarnak!

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