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New Song Added – Himig

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

How about we do an old Philippine Classic Music.
This one is from one of The Philippines’ great Folk/Rock artists.
And definitely one of my greatest influences, Mr. Freddie Aguilar.
This one is called “Himig.”
One of my favorites, for sure.

I always thought that the music he did here was brilliant, yet haunting.
It’s very fun to play, yet there’s a sad tone to it.

It’s a Tagalog song, so I guess
we’re just going to ask Google to translate it for us.

I also discovered how to make the side by side effects on iMovie,
and I am starting to experiment more on what else we could do on it.
Be easy with me.
I’m a beginner on Video Editing.

Click here for the Song Lyrics

New Song Added

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Music by – Joe Jackson
Voice and all instruments by – Ty Martell

Oh My Goodness!
There’s actually music on this site?

I know I haven’t done it in a while, but..
Yeah! That’s how this site actually started.

I post songs that I liked in my lifetime.
They’re mostly old songs because… well..
I am old.

I admit these songs I cover aren’t really that great
and they’re mediocre at best.
but that is also not my point.

I must have a way for me to express
all these emotions in one form or another.

I chose Music.

I heard this one when I was listening to an online radio stream.
A popular Radio channel in the Philippines.

I wanted to play this on the piano,
but my fingers wouldn’t work with me at all.
So, I did it all on Guitar.

That’s how I started with music to be honest.
I wanted to play the piano first when I was young,
but I found myself struggling with it
and ended up forcing the music to come out.
So I tried the Guitar and everything made sense.

So maybe we can say that
The Guitar is my number two.
It hasn’t given up on me.

Lyrics start here:

Music for breakfast

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

I had music for breakfast today.
For such a crappy day yesterday, I needed to recharge with what I love most.

This is a Paul Gilbert song called “Three Times Rana.”
I love how catchy it was and quite fun to play on guitar.
Of course I couldn’t do it like he does.

This is typically my morning self and I am not very good with video editing.
Plus I still don’t have any make up on.
I am trying out the iMovie/Photo Booth combination on my Mac.
I need to learn how to make my sound appear better
and my appearance seem …uhh better to look at.
But at this point, those two wishes seem hopeless.

Anyway, Forgive the grainy video and the mediocre sound.
It’s what I had for breakfast.
At least I am full.

Last Christmas

Friday, February 1st, 2013

I covered this song for Christmas of 2012
but never got the chance to post it here.

Pasko Na Sinta Ko
by Mr. Gary Valenciano
Voice and All instruments by – Ty Martell

This is one of my favourite Filipino Christmas tunes.
But, I don’t know, it’s more like a Love song, honestly.

It was a big hit back when I was still living there
and I am sure everyone there knows this one.
It has been revised and covered hundreds of times.
And now I am one of them.
Because I want to be just like everyone else.
That desire of the feeling of “belonging.”

I succumb to Peer Pressure a lot.

I’m lonely.

New Song Added – Kumusta Ka

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Here’s another one by Mr. Rey Valera.
I have mentioned it before,
how I am a big fan of his.

A great example of a great Filipino talent.

This song is called “Kumusta Ka.
And definitely another favourite of mine.

Music by – Rey Valera
Guitars and Voice by – Ty Martell

It’s also the first cover I did with the guitar effects
purely on Garageband.
Even the mixing and editing.

I am really starting to engulf myself inside the Mac and iOS environment.
Hopefully I would learn a lot more.

Thanks for listening to my stuff.
I truly appreciate it.

Lyrics start here.


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